Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nicole is Better

I'm tired of all of the comparisons, and I'm tired of giving myself such a hard time over such insignificant things. So how's this for a new rule: you're allowed to do whatever you want, but only if you don't carry it with you after you're done. You can eat Nutella for lunch, but once you're done eating it, be done eating it. It's almost never the actual thing that's the problem, it's how we continue to be weighed down by the thing, even long after it's over. That's when we go comparison shopping for other people's lives. That's when we're Mean Girl bitches to ourselves. That's when we conveniently forget that if anyone else ever talked to us the way that we talk to ourselves, we'd dropkick them, no question.

So get your dropkick on. Live your fucking life. Leave everyone else's lives out of it. Make more good choices than not good choices. Let go of the not good choices. Eat Nutella. Repeat.

[Italics mine. --Ed.]

Blog post, 2/7/2011, NicoleIsBetter.com